Sell your bridal gown (wedding dress) on

If you have a bridal gown that’s collecting dust in your closet, why not sell it and use the extra cash for something nice?

Right now is looking for used bridal gowns. Sellers post dresses at no cost (100% free, no strings attached!)


Smartbride –

Recently I started a new website called SmartBride. It’s an online bridal gown consignment site which allows buyers and sellers to connect up for free. There is a lack of good used wedding dress sites online, and I thought this would be fun to use. Right now we’re looking for used wedding gowns, so if you have one and would like to sell it at no cost, please check out the site:

Easy Gluten Free Toddler Food

Here’s a few of my favorite easy, fast, microwavable foods for our daughter:

1. Amy’s gluten free Mac & Cheese. Both boxed and frozen are great–though the frozen seems to have a more creamy consistency

2. Ian’s gluten free Fish Sticks

3. Bell and Evans gluten free chicken nuggets

4. Dr. Praegers gluten free frozen products: Spinach Littles, Sweet Potato Littles, etc

5. Peas of Mind puffets (there are several gluten free flavors)

And for on the go snacks, gluten free pretzels and the “Just Tomatoes” line of dried fruit is great (Just Strawberries & Bananas is great)

Toddler 411

As a big fan of Baby 411, I recently bought Toddler 411 and am equally as happy. Though if you’re having sleep problems with you child, sleep is covered in full in Baby 411, so I’d suggest getting that one, or going to the library/bookstore and reading that chapter. The sleep advice in these books has been priceless. Our 15 month year old sleeps 12-14 hours a night and all we do to put her to sleep is read books and then put her in her crib (wide awake) and kiss her goodnight and tell her we love her. I don’t know where we’d be if I didn’t follow the advice in these great books.