Root Cause of Acne — Allergy to Gluten (wheat, oats, rye, etc)

I had a horrible case of adult acne and thought I’d share my successful actions to those interested. I actually had perfect skin my whole life until my early 20s and then I started getting this crazy cystic acne that seemed untreatable. I tried liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, colon cleanses, fasting cleanses, herbs, homeopathic treatment, chinese herbs and so many more things. I was determined to find the root cause of the problem and not default to taking drugs or anti-biotics which I knew would just be covering up the symptoms of the root cause.

It turns out that I’m highly allergic to gluten which is the sticky binder found in wheat, oats, rye and several other grains. I found this out by accident. My husband, Reilly Sweetland, found out that he was allergic by doing a 10 day diet which eliminated all foods which typically trigger allergies: gluten, dairy, sugar, and many others. After he found out he was allergic, I decided to stop eating wheat too because I always noticed I gained weight from it and felt tired after eating it.

After not eating it for several weeks, I had it again and got a horrible headache. I’d had headaches all my life and then realized that this may be the cause. Sure enough, it was. Apparently you have to stop eating the food you’re allergic to for at least 10 days before you can see a really defined cause and effect because your body pumps out a lot of adrenaline to handle the allergy crisis. I’m not a doctor–I received this information from my doctor at Health Now Medical Clinic in Sunnyvale, CA 408 733 0444. They’re great.

I also used to have all sorts of sinus problems which are completely gone by eliminating gluten from my diet. And amazingly, after about 2 months of being gluten free, my acne completely vanished!!! As hard as it is to eat gluten free, it’s all worth it to have that horrible acne gone. Not to mention the headaches and sinus issues.


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