Clean Washcloths Every Day for Acne Prone Skin

Anyone with acne knows that you’re not supposed to use the same washcloth or sponge more than once. This is a funny story I’ll share for those of you that haven’t had this epiphany yet. I was in a hotel with my husband once and commented on how one of my favorite things about hotels was having clean washcloths every day. He asked me why I just don’t buy a week’s worth of them and clean then when I do the wash on the weekends. DUH! I don’t know why that never crossed my mind before. So I did this–we were at IKEA one day and I picked up a bunch of them for a very low cost and this has been one of the greatest things ever. I don’t know why it feels like such a luxury to me–maybe because I always associate clean washcloths with hotels–who knows. This is perfect for acne prone skin because you use a 100% clean cloth each time you wash your face.


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