it's the little things…

These are some of my favorite little things for babies that make my life easier….

1. JJCole’s paci-pod. Very cute and attaches easily to your purse or diaper bag. Great way to have quick access to a clean pacifier.

2. Pacifier “leashes”. I’m sure any brand would do–it took me a while to realize they made these. I’ve got three–one clamped to the car seat, one to her baby bjoern (where it always goes flying into the dirt!) and one for other stuff like strollers, etc.

3. Munchkin’s dishwasher basket–awesome for all the bottle parts (we use the playtex air vent bottles, which are great, but have a lot of parts). Using this basket in the diswasher keeps the parts from going sideways and filling with water and diswasher grime.

4. The Skip Hop Splash Bottle-Drying Rack. This thing is so great–I use it every day for drying my breast pump and bottle stuff that doesn’t get fully dry in the dishwasher (we have a Bosh, which doesn’t have each item come out dry.) Also great if you’re quickly hand-washing stuff. Looks great and cool enough to not make your counter look like a baby disaster. sells them

5. The mirror on the back of your seat so you can see your baby while driving. I didn’t get one of these for a while and then when I finally did, I wondered why I waited. It’s really helpful to know when your baby falls asleep in the car. For instance, I have bluetooth in our car and if my phone rings, it goes over the car speakers and is LOUD, so I like to flip my phone off if she’s snoozing in the seat. Also it’s just cute to be able to watch them from the front ๐Ÿ™‚

6. If your baby doesn’t like the car (like ours doesn’t), I made a cool discovery early on which might help you. I took our Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall
Peek-a-Boo Soother (I’m sure any of these things where you attach them to a crib would work just as well) and I tied it to the back seat of the car with a ribbon. Then she gets to watch it while driving and she loves it. It’s really helped car rides for us. Nice to have music, lights and cute monkeys moving back and forth ๐Ÿ™‚


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