My Chicken Soup Recipe

3 boxes of chicken broth (I like the organic free range broth by
Pacific from Whole Foods)

2 stalks celery chopped

about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of carrots (I like to get the organic
pre-peeled mini carrots that are in a bag from Whole Foods or Trader
Joes–and then they’re super easy to cut into small pieces for the
soup and you don’t need to mess with peeling, etc.

1 box mushrooms (pre-cut makes it easier on you)

1 boneless skinless chicken breast

1 package of fresh herbs: rosemary, thyme and sage. (Whole Foods has
a brand called Jacobs–and they have “Mixed Herbs” blend in the produce section that contains these three herbs.)

1 container of pre-peeled garlic

1/4 yellow onion

4-6 mini red potatoes

First what I do is put all three boxes of broth in a pot and
put it on medium. Then I take the herbs and use 1/2 of the package
and put it all in a mini chopper–I have a great one by Cuisinart
called the Mini-Mate Plus Chopper/Grinder.

I put 1/2 package of the herbs in and
grind them up and put all in the

Then the garlic–I like LOTS of garlic–you can do whatever you want.
I usually do about 10 cloves or so. Just toss in the mini chopper and toss in the broth.

Same goes w/the 1/4 onion–toss in the chopper, put in the broth

I then cover the pot and let the soup sit for a good 1/2 hour
plus–letting the herbs and garlic and onion really cook into the
broth for a long time. I let it come to a boil and then turn it down
to low/medium low and if I have time to spare I let it go even longer.

Chop the veggies

When the broth has been going for a good 1/2 hour to an hour, I add in
the veggies. I add them when the temp is on low–I
think this way it might retain more enzymes and minerals if the heat
is lower. Even with the heat on low, it only takes another 10 minutes or
so for the veggies to cook.

Very last I add a chopped chicken breast into the broth. You can
almost add it and turn the heat off it cooks so quickly. This is key to
the chicken staying really good in the soup–add it at the very end
when you’re sure nothing else needs cooking, since it hardly needs any
heat to fully cook through. Usually a couple minutes is all that’s

That’s it! The total cook time is about an hour+, however, with the
way I do it above w/the pre-chopped veggies and using the
mini-chopper, it’s hardly any time at all to create it.


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