Great Swaddle Blanket

If your baby is a Houdini when it comes to swaddling blankets, you should check out the Miracle Blanket. I saw a marked improvement in the length of her naps and night sleeping with this because she would always bust out of regular swaddling blankets, and when she did, she’d wake. We tried the Halo Swaddle blankets and they weren’t so good in my opinion. 1. because she could still get out of them and 2 and most importantly, many times I’d find her sleeping and the swaddle wrap would be over her head! Obviously not good if you’re a new parent freaking out about SIDS. The Miracle Blanket never gave me cause for alarm. The only way they can unwrap it is when they are old enough to start moving around the crib…and even then it’s hard to do. Our baby loved a good swaddle and at 5.5 months, we’re just now getting her through the night without it. This blanket has been excellent up to now. She outgrew the length of the blanket a couple months ago since she’s tall, so we just don’t insert her feet into the bottom and use the wrap for the arms only. This is a highly recommended product.


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