Tip for Baby Showers and Jogging Strollers

If you’re asking for a jogging stroller in addition to a regular one, I’d suggest getting a gift certificate or asking for it from a place that you can return it, get the credit and go back when you’re baby is ready to use it.

Rationale: Your baby isn’t going to use it for many months after she/he is born. (I believe they suggest waiting 6 months. We started using ours at 4 months.)

1. This is one extra thing you’ll have to store in your house

2. Depending on what time of year you have your baby, the next year’s model may be out when you’re ready to use it (new colors, new features, etc.). So you can get the latest and greatest when you’re ready for it.

If this is your primary stroller, then this changes things. However, as a note, we very rarely used a stroller the first 2 months–she always wanted to be in her sling.


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