Apple Flax Pancake Recipe (Gluten & Dairy Free)

Apple FlaxPancakes (makes about 10-15 pancakes)

2-3 apples (we like honey crisp apples or gala apples, but use
whatever you like)
1/2 capful of flax seeds (cap meaning the cap to the coffee grinder)
soymilk–or whatever milk you like
2 eggs
pumpkin pie spice
vanilla extract or vanilla powder

I take the apples, cut out the core and put them in a Cuisinart to get
them finely grated. Put in a bowl

Grind the flax and add

Add the eggs

Then add as much milk as you’d like to get them to the
thickness/texture that you like your pancakes.

Then add as much pumpkin pie spice, vanilla and cinnamon as you’d
like. I add a lot of this–it makes them taste really good and cuts
out any flax taste.

Stir it all up and what I do is smell them and see if I want more
spices–I generally do it until it smells like a really yummy apple
spice pie kind of thing.

I cook them on a griddle w/Coconut Oil, which is supposed to be really
good for you, but you could obviously use butter or whatever you like.

Then, if you like this sort of thing, I make this amazingly yummy
berry topper. Trader Joes has a frozen bag of mixed berries–it’s
blackberries, raspberries and blueberries (I think it’s better w/out
strawberries). While I’m cooking the pancakes I put about a 1/4 to a
1/2 bag of these berries in a pan, add some vanilla powder and slowly
heat them up. Once they start melting I mash then and stir them so
it’s a warm mushy berry mix.

We put the warm berry mix over the flaxpancakes when they’re done and
add a bit of maple syrup on top and it’s sooooooo yummy. I call it
my “Swedish Berry Mix” because it reminds me of Swedish pancakes with

As you can see, everything in this is totally healthy for you, but it
really tastes like a treat. We love them because we’re not zonked
out by sugar after–it’s actually just a bunch of really good foods
and with the berry topper, hardly any maple sugar is even needed.


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