Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Elizabeth just send this to me… a great website specializing in organic cotton baby clothes

I think most people don’t realize this, but cotton requires an insane amount of pesticides to control the boll weevil–in fact, in the US 40% of all pesticides used are to handle the boll weevil in cotton fields. My degree in college was Environmental Studies and focused on Agroecology and we spent a lot of time studying about the boll weevil. It’s one of those pests that has become more resistant by the use of pesticides due to the fact that pesticides kill all the natural “predator” pests. By supporting organic cotton growers, you make a huge contribution to the environment. Not to mention having pesticide free clothes for your baby.

Like organic foods, organic cotton use will be driven by market demand–the more people that buy it, the more farms will start to change to consumer demand.


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