breast pumps

I have the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. The “advanced” feature is pretty cool–it has two settings–the first of which is a light gentle rapid pumping to get your boobs grooved in just like a baby does. Not a vital feature, but nice. To tell the truth, I bought it because there”s a limited edition that has a chocolate and baby blue bag that I thought was cute. I’ve been very happy with this pump and have been using it continuously for the last 4 months. I’m sure there’s lots of great brands out there, and in the end, it probably ins’t that big of a difference which one you get….but I’ll say this–unless you plan on never leaving home, make sure you get a pump that has the option to run on batteries. If you have to fly, you are going to be miserable pumping in the airport bathroom out in the open (I had to do that once on a trip where I forgot the battery pack! Luckily I had my breastfeeding smock to cover myself…but it still sucked.) This for me would be the #1 can’t live without feature. One cool thing about this pump is that it fits with playtex bottles. We like the Playtex Vent Air bottles and I can pump right into the bottle.


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