helpful treatment of rash around baby's mouth from teething

Our baby has had a pretty bad rash over the last month. I’m told it’s from teething–the incessant drool that’s going down the chin aggravates the skin. I’ve found a few things that have been helpful:

1. eliminating acidic foods from my diet like OJ, strawberries, raspberries, etc. (This only applies if you’re breast-feeding)

2. this is going to sound weird, but I found Burts Bees diaper rash ointment to be very helpful. I put it on at night around her chin and it soothes and calms the skin. I sometimes put it on in the day if it’s just us around (it looks pretty goofy) and it helps make a barrier between the skin and the drool.

As a note, to add to this post, as soon as I stopped breastfeeding, the rash went away. I probably could have done a better job eliminating acid foods from my diet. I think this is what was causing the problem. She continues to drool and is getting her teeth, but the instant I stopped breastfeeding the rash left and never came back.


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