How to get into a good water routine

If you’re motivated to start drinking water, here are some tips:

What I do every morning is start off with a huge glass of water upon rising. This immediately starts you on the right foot and gets your body hydrated. I use a large mason jar–I fill it and usually am thirsty enough to drink at least half and sometimes the whole jar of water.

Then I have a routine at work. If you don’t work, you can easily do this at home. Get yourself a nice glass or ceramic pitcher (not plastic–that’s a subject for a different blog, but you don’t want your water sitting in plastic all day). I bought some beautiful pitchers from a garage sale for 50 cents–you don’t have to spend a lot on this–just get a non-plastic pitcher.

So then fill it up each day with water–and make sure that you drink it all by at least 5pm. I usually go through a pitcher and a half by the time I leave work.

This is a great method because you drink water in the morning and afternoon. You don’t want to wait until night to drink because then you’ll be up all night peeing. I personally have to cut off my fluid intake around 6 or 7 pm or I pee through the night. By doing the above method, I can keep my body well hydrated through the day.

By having a pitcher of water, you see it all day and it’s in your face and you know when you’ve not been drinking.

Tip: it’s better to sip through the day rather than gulping a ton of water at once. Your body can only assimilate so much at a time. I’ve heard a rule of thumb–a cup an hour. For me in the morning, I drink a lot more than a cup, but I can tell my body needs it. But bottom line, any method of water drinking is better than no method.


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