Tips for people having trouble sleeping at night

I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and I thought I’d share my successful actions….

1. Don’t drink fluids after 6 or 7 pm….I was waking up to pee and then I couldn’t fall back alseep. But drinking water in the morning and the day, I keep very hydrated and don’t need to drink water at night (see previous posts on water.)

2. Don’t eat foods that you are allergic to. I found out I was allergic to gluten (you can check out my previous posts on subject) and this was the #1 main factor for my inability to sleep. Apparently when you eat foods you’re allergic to, your body produces a lot of adrenaline to deal with the crisis. Then this adrenaline is in your body and keeps you up at night. That’s the theory, anyways. All I know is that I started sleeping like a BABY after giving up gluten. How do you find out if you’re allergic? The most conclusive way is to stop eating the suspect food for a month or so and see how you feel–this way you can see for yourself and base your judgement on emperical evidence. You can see my previous posts on this subject for more info.

3. A good calcium magnesium supplement helps relax your body. I like TwinLab’s CalCitrate vitamin. Also, 100mg of B1 helps your mind to not race all over the place. I take 2 capsules of CalCitrate and 100mg of B1 before bed and repeat it if I wake up in the night.

4. Take a walk. This is a nice thing to do before you go to bed. Not a heart pumping exercise kind of walk, but a nice mellow walk where you look at things and check out your environment. This also is my last resort if I simply cannot sleep at night, though since I’ve eliminated gluten, sleep has become a friend of mine.

Hope this helps you get some slumber and visions of sugar-plums in your head 🙂


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