Used vs. New Baby Stuff

I’m a big fan of buying used stuff when possible, but some stuff I wouldn’t suggest getting used, and so here’s my list….

I suggest you try to buy used:

1. Cribs. I bought a beautiful barely used Sorelle crib with the mattress. Retail was $500 and I got the crib/mattress for $150. The family bought it for their baby girl and had to move, so it was barely used for a couple of months and in perfect condition.

2. Chaging Tables. I bought an awesome Pali Amy changing table. Retails for $300 and I paid $150. It was in near perfect condition

3. Swings, Jumperoos, bouncy seats, activity mats are all great things to buy used. Especially because you don’t know if your baby is going to like it or not.

4. Stroller. If I could have bought our stroller used, I would have

5. Highchair.

Things I wouldn’t buy used because of the spit up/drool factor. (If this doesn’t bother you, then I’d go for getting these used too!)

1. A glider….only because the material isn’t washable/removable and all kinds of spit up and milk gets over that thing.

2. An activity table. I guess it depends on the type, but ours has parts that aren’t removable/washable and our baby’s drool has been on every single part of this table.

For buying things used, I’d suggest using Search Agent. It’ll do saved searches for you and you can ask it to search any websites–like Craigslist, etc.


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