Why the Bugaboo bugs….

I have a bad habit of thinking “most expensive = best”. When I was pregnant, I came across the Bugaboo and was told it was the BMW of strollers. Being a BMW owner and avid lover of these cars, this statement sold me. The fact that I could have a pink stroller cinched it for me. After that, I didn’t even look at other strollers.

When you’re pregnant with your first, you’re totally clueless on what you are going to need and what is going to work.

Sadly, this stroller has been an utter disappointment, and here’s my words on the subject….

1. Like BMW, Bugaboo seems to think owners don’t need space for things like cup holders, cell phones, etc. Bugaboos add-on cup holder is lame. What you really want is a big area for baby bottles, classes, keys, cell phones, etc.

2. You cannot assemble or take apart this stroller with one hand. And I don’t mean that it’s hard or inconvenient–it is a physical impossibility. This is not enjoyable when you have a baby in your arms.

3. There are only three seat recline choices–one being extremely upright and the other nearly horizontal.

These are my main complaints about the stroller. Had it not been nearly $1000.00, I probably wouldn’t have minded so much, but you’d think that for that price, the designers of this stroller would have thought some of these things through.

Also, I wish someone would have told me that not all babies like strollers. Ours is one of them. When she was an infant, she only wanted to be in a sling. Then she wanted to be in a Kelty backpack. Now it’s all about those plastic cars that you can push them around in. So this stroller has hardly seen the light of day, thus adding to my annoyance. While this is obviously no issue of Bugaboo’s, I think it’s important for new moms to know that their baby simply might not want to ever be in a stroller. So before you spend 1K on this stroller, you might want to determine if your baby even wants to be in one.

It’s funny to me to look back and think how hearing that this was the BMW of strollers appealed to me before having kids. That really is a true claim–it’s a very good looking stroller that is also extremely impractical for kids. In sum, in looking for a stroller, you don’t want the BMW of strollers, you want the Toyota Sienna or Honda Oddessy of strollers. 🙂


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