Too Faced mascara…similar to Kiss Me

I recently bought Too Faced’s lash injection mascara and love it. It’s very similar to Kiss Me, though it’s not as oil proof as Kiss Me (it sometimes slightly smudges w/my oily skin), but the overall quality is great–it gives much thicker lashes than Kiss Me and can be layered. I’m super happy with it.


Great neck cream

In follow up to my previous post of my favorite neck cream treatments, I’ve recently started using Bliss Spa’s Thinny thin chin and really like it. It’s much lighter than Dr Brandt’s V-Zone neck cream, so it’s nice for a change of pace.

Blackhead removal tool

For several years now I’ve been using this great tool I got from Bliss Spa. It’s the Antoine de Paris blackhead extractor. As Bliss says on their website, “if you’re going to ‘pick’, you might as well properly equip.” So true!

I’m a picker–I admit it–I cannot stand the sight of a big blackhead on my nose. But unfortunately in the past (before I had this tool) I had broken some of those tiny capillaries around the crease of my nose–not good! So this tool is great–it’s the same thing they use in spas. I use it right after I shower, when my skin is well steamed and the blackheads are softened.

favorite anti-aging neck treatment

Call me crazy, but I’m paranoid of a sagging neck when I get older. I wear sunscreen religiously on my neck and chest, but lately have been trying different products for night and under sunscreen. I’ve come up with two products I really like.

The first is called “Face and Body Nutrients, Anti Aging Mist” by Acqua. This is super light and moisturizing but not in a greasy or thick way. It’s totally compatable with oily/acne prone skin (mine!) I use this on my face (night only) and then neck and chest morning and night. I got this at Preston Wynne spa in Los Gatos.

Then at night on top of that I’ve been using Dr Brandt’s V-Zone Neck Cream. Thick, but not greasy. Really nice for the neck and chest. I got this at Sephora.

new favorite face sunscreen

Just when I thought I would look no further than the Derma Doctor sunscreen, I was in NYC and the airline lost my bags, so I had to beeline to Saks 5th Avenue in the morning before my meetings! I went straight to the Laura Mercier counter to get make up, and came across their oil free spf 15 sunscreen. I love it! It’s very light–lighter than Derma Doctor–and has lavender, so it’s great for oily or sensitive skins. This combined with the Laura Mercier mineral make up line is pure face bliss 🙂

Derma Doctor – LOVE IT

I’ve not been using this line for about a month now and I must say, it’s the best line I’ve come across for oily acne prone skin yet. The acids are quite strong and I’ve noticed a marked improvement in pore size and reduction of blackheads. It’s also excellent at eliminating acne–even the cystic kind that’s difficult to handle.

I never thought I’d change sunscreens from Clinique’s Oil Free City Sunscreen, but I adore the sunscreen from Derma Doctor. What’s great about it is unlike the Clinique sunscreen, it has no make up, so you can use it on the neck and chest area without worrying about make-up getting on your clothes.

Stop using deodorant for life

Yup, I’m serious–this product will literally stop your BO completely to the point where you only need to use it every 4-8 weeks!!

My brother has been using Lavilin Long-Life deodorant for about 15 years now. He’d told me about it, but I tried it and thought it didn’t work. Here’s why….

Basically this is a paste you put on your armpits at night before bed. The paste kills the odor causing bacteria in your armpits. When you first use it, you need to use it every day or every other day. This is because you have a LOT of bacteria to kill. This is where I didn’t understand…I still smelled and thought it wasn’t working. A couple years ago I gave it another try and used it every day or every other day for a couple of weeks. Then it really started working long-term for me.

Today both my husband and I use it about once every 4-8 weeks! That’s ONE application of deodorant in nearly 2 months!

Yes, you will sweat–it’s not an antiperspirant. But your sweat will be totally odor free, even with heavy exercise and sweating.

Here’s some marking info on it:

* Eliminates perspiration odor at the source by killing odor-causing bacteria.
* Safe deodorants – do not interfere with bodily functions.
* Alumimum and alcohol free.
* Contains Arnica and Calendula – known for their anti-bacterial properties.
* Chamomile – Soothes skin.
* Clinically and dermatologically tested and found to be effective

Here’s a routine that I do which seems to work well with this stuff

1. Take a shower at night and scrub your armpits with a scrubber and liquid soap. Get them squeaky clean (I like using Bronners eucalyptus liquid soap. (This is a great soap for men, too–guys love it.)

2. Apply it to your pits, covering every area that could have a bacteria ridden pore

3. Sleep

4. Wake up and repeat step #1. Scrub it all off and get your pits squeaky clean again.

5. If you think you need another application, re-apply at night doing steps 1-4

This is the best natural deodorant product I’ve ever used…by FAR. There’s nothing like it on the market that I’m aware of.