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Easy Gluten Free Toddler Food

Here’s a few of my favorite easy, fast, microwavable foods for our daughter:

1. Amy’s gluten free Mac & Cheese. Both boxed and frozen are great–though the frozen seems to have a more creamy consistency

2. Ian’s gluten free Fish Sticks

3. Bell and Evans gluten free chicken nuggets

4. Dr. Praegers gluten free frozen products: Spinach Littles, Sweet Potato Littles, etc

5. Peas of Mind puffets (there are several gluten free flavors)

And for on the go snacks, gluten free pretzels and the “Just Tomatoes” line of dried fruit is great (Just Strawberries & Bananas is great)

Derma Doctor – LOVE IT

I’ve not been using this line for about a month now and I must say, it’s the best line I’ve come across for oily acne prone skin yet. The acids are quite strong and I’ve noticed a marked improvement in pore size and reduction of blackheads. It’s also excellent at eliminating acne–even the cystic kind that’s difficult to handle.

I never thought I’d change sunscreens from Clinique’s Oil Free City Sunscreen, but I adore the sunscreen from Derma Doctor. What’s great about it is unlike the Clinique sunscreen, it has no make up, so you can use it on the neck and chest area without worrying about make-up getting on your clothes.